Friday’s Fasting and Prayer

All eyes seem to be on Israel as the attempt to continue a cease fire in their war against Hamas.  This war, as is every war, sees civilian casualties as well.  More so on the side of Hamas as they surround themselves with women and children who have been convinced that they will be rewarded in paradise for the sacrifice of their lives as they protect and shield the Hamas militants.  Pray for this situation to end quickly.  Pray for those who have been deceived by Hamas.

In China, an earthquake has destroyed thousands of homes and some villages killing at least 600 people!  In an instant, 600 people are dead.  Four days later, they are still finding people trapped in the rubble.  Pray that missionaries in China can use this situation as an inroad for the gospel.  Pray that people will be receptive to the gospel in the midst of this tragedy.

In Iraq there is a Christian genocide going on.  Yes, genocide!  ISIS is systematically hunting down and killing Christians.  They are going through the city and marking the door posts of Christians with the Arabic N as a designation for Nazarene. To represent those who are followers of Jesus the Nazarene.  Mass killings of men, women and children are taking place.  Open public beheading of children bombing of churches and burning of houses.  This is the reality that Christians are living with in Iraq.  Pray that this stops quickly.  Pray for the Christians that are still trying to escape and that countries around the world would open up their homes to those forced out of Iraq.

Our problems and issues seem mighty small in comparison to these issues that are going on in the world around us.  Pray to the Lord that we would have good perspective on suffering and persecution.  Pray that we would be diligent in our prayers for those around the world hurting and suffering.  Take a moment and weep with those who are weeping over the death of their loved ones for the sake of Christ.  For the remaining family members of the children who have been beheaded in Iraq.

Pray for ISIS, for those militant Islamist who are persecuting Christians.  Pray that God would do a mighty work and save them for His glory!  Let it burden our hearts this day to cry out to the Lord for His return!  Come Lord, Come.



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