Friday Prayer

As it does each week, Friday rolls around and signals the start of the weekend for many people.  The start of time with family, perhaps even a Saturday at work, or celebration of a birthday, time to work on those house projects or help a neighbor with their yard work, as well as worship on Sunday.

Whatever the task or the adventure that the weekend might bring, there is still time in the work week to put forth great effort and serve those around you with the love of Christ Jesus.

While many are working and preparing for the weekend, there are many that are hurting  and many that do not see joy in a weekend or a Sunday of worshiping the one true and living God.

Specifically, pray for Michelle today.  Michelle is a lady who has just recently lost her husband to cancer.  Her mother is also in the hospital with cancer and is days away from death.  But that isn’t all…Her oldest son is on a ventilator.  He has spinal meningitis and isn’t expected to live more than a week from now.  She also has the stress of three younger boys who need their mother after having just lost their daddy.

This is real life for so many.  Perspective is needed when we live our lives so focused on the here and the now.  I know nothing of this kind of suffering, I know nothing of losing three family members in the course of a few weeks.

Please pray for God’s comfort and mercy for Michelle.  She needs it!

Pray also for the Clarity Walk for Life on Saturday.  Pray that money is raised through this fund raiser to help eradicate abortion in Hardin Co and surrounding areas.

Please pray for the elder and deacon leaders in your church.  Pray and ask God to bless them with wisdom, grace, and discernment as they are called to lead God’s church in God’s way and for God’s glory.

Have a blessed Friday,

Pastor John

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