About Us

Our Beliefs and Practice

CrossPoint Church, formed in the Spring of 2007. We are a community of believers, submitted to the authority of the Word of God.

  • We believe the 2000 Baptist Faith & Message fairly represents what we believe.  CrossPoint is also in agreement with the principles found at http://founders.org/ and www.9marks.org.
  • We believe the Word of God to be 100% trustworthy and true, inerrant, infallible in its purpose, and in its authority over man and the church.
  • As best we can, we organize and direct the ongoing activities of our church in accordance with Scripture.
  • We believe in the reality of sin and hell, the necessity of evangelism, and the exclusivity of Christ for salvation.
  • We believe in the sovereignty of God in all things, yet we challenge, encourage and plead with the free will / responsibility of man.
  • We believe in  Family integrated ministry.  We provide a nursery ministry for children 0-3.
  • We are an elder-led, congregational church, having Members’ Meetings each quarter.
  • We are affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, the Kentucky Baptist Convention, as well as our local association, Severns Valley.

Though we think this website reveals our character and distinctives, we hope you will join us for a visit to CrossPoint and experience our church for yourself. We pray God’s richest blessings in Christ!

Our Mission

Our desires at CrossPoint can be worded simply, “Striving for Authentic Christianity.” We recognize, however, those simple words are no simple matter. Our quest is two-fold: “Worshiping God and Loving Others.” Again, no simple matter if we get our direction from the Word of God. Scripture tells us we need each other in this journey of life. Empowered by God’s Holy Spirit, driven to be better conformed to the image of Christ, functioning as a part of the body for which Christ died — the Church. It is for His Glory and our Everlasting Joy!