08/06/2017 Knowing Jesus, Part 2 ()

Steven Head, August 6, 2017
Part of the I BELIEVE . . . series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Please note to parents, this message talks about Jesus and his virgin birth by Merry

Jesus birth is truly a miracle birth while our births are part of God's plan. This means that our births have some sin built in them; and Jesus was born with no sin. Many churches and denominations have an issue with the bible since it says Jesus was born of a virgin mother, but if God says it happened that way in His written word; then that is how it truly occurred.

Question, Do you know (believe, trust, and have repented in him) Jesus? If not, please contact us or come worship with us in person and our pastor can discuss this with you more.

Bible References:
Mathew 1: 18-23
Luke 1: 26 -28
John 1: 14
Psalm 49: 7

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