08/20/2017 Pilate Interacts With Jesus ()

Steven Head, August 20, 2017
Part of the I BELIEVE . . . series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Sorry for whine noise in recording

Main verses: John 18: 28-40 & John 19: 1-16
Pilate Interacts With Jesus

Proof was found in the 196s that Pilate was an actual man that did exist at the time Jesus was to exist as man here on Earth.

Two main things he did to Jesus are:
1. He physically beat Him and had his men do the same
2. Berate Jesus and tried to humiliate Him before Pilates men and the public too.

Bible References
John 18: 28-4
John 19: 1-16
Mark 15: 15
Mathew 27: 27
Galasians 19: 21

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