08/27/2017 Crucified, Dead... ()

Steven Head, August 27, 2017
Part of the I BELIEVE . . . series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

NOTO: Sorry for wine in recording, technical issues in recording.

Sermon: Crucified, Dead...
Series: I Believe...

Main Bible verses: John 19: 16 - 27

This sermon talks about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ upon the cross, why it had to be done, the relationship it forged between man and God, and how brutal it was to be hung upon the cross.

Bible References:
John 19: 16-27
1 Corinthiansb15: 3-4
1 John 14: 1
Leviticus 16: 27
Romans 5: 10
Romans 6
Whole books of Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John

Tags: 08/27/2017 Crucified, Dead...

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